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Welcome to the Penguin Publishing Group Permissions page.  Here is where you can check on the availability of rights for a particular title and use; find information on where to go for rights not handled by the Penguin Publishing Group Adult Permissions Department or apply for permissions on line.  For details on how to apply for permissions, you may wish to begin by taking a look at the Permissions FAQ.

For a list of imprints handled -- and not handled -- by the Penguin Group Permissions Department, check our Imprints List.

Please note that while now one company, Penguin Publishing Group and Random House LLC still maintain separate Permissions Departments. We process requests for Penguin Publishing Group and its imprints only. If you have a request for a Random House imprint title, please visit their website for information on how to obtain permission

To photocopy material from a Penguin Publishing Group title for classroom or other educational use, you may make use of the on-line system at the Copyright Clearance Center.

To check whether Penguin Publishing Group controls particular rights on a particular title you may perform a title search of our Permissions Database.

Titles Database Search

For contact information for rights not handled by the Penguin Publishing Group Permissions Department (i.e. Most Penguin Classics, Professional Performing, Reprint, First Serial, Commercial Second Serial & Commercial Web Site.)

Penguin Contacts

To submit a permissions request on-line (we suggest first-time users take a look at the Permissions FAQ before proceeding.)

Permissions Requests On-Line

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